Seti@home System Requirements
Scientific UFO and Alien Research

To run the SETI at home screensaver and get your computer helping in the search for alien life and extra terrestrial intelligence you will need the following:

Windows systems (95/NT or above) at least 32 MB of RAM is required, the ability to display 8-bit graphics in 800x600 resolution (it can be run in 640x480 but you will not be able to view the entire display in anthing below 800x600). You should also have an Internet connection (dialup is OK) so that you can download the work units and upload the data after your computer has done the processing.

For Macintosh systems the same requirements as above are needed, plus a PowerPC processor and Mac OS 7.5.5 or later.

Many versions of UNIX are supported also, including Linux and FreeBSD. The Seti at Home programmers seem to have been working hard as there are now literally dozens of versions for different system configurations available. Although not originally supported at the start, versions are now available for OS/2 and BeOS. Other operating systems supported now include Mac OS X and OS X Server, plus OpenVM. WebTV will not be supported.

Depending on the version you need, the program download will only be about 1Mb in size. Once installed and running, the combined program and data should only take about 10 MB of disk space. There are no CPU speed or modem speed requirements for the SETI screensaver and it doesn't matter where in the world you live.

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