Spectacular UFO Over China Filmed by Eight Firemen

Reported 18th January 2009

A remarkable UFO was observed and filmed in China by a complete team of firemen from the city of Liu Pan Shui in the province of Guizhou with a camera with an optical zoom lens of 700x. One of the firemen, Wang Jia Wei, saw an odd blinking star which started to move in southeast direction when he went to the fire barracks to search for a digital camera.

Wang was lucky to find a Panasonic camera usually used to film damage, which allowed him to zoom in on the UFO with its zoom of  700x. It is at this moment that Wang could see that the object was in fact two objects, or two halves which met on their base. They flashed several colours: mauve, red, blue, orange, white, and gold.

Wang then called his fellow firemen and they all observed the strange object for a good hour before the thing disappeared suddenly.

They succeeded in capturing twenty minutes footage which was transmitted to Chinese journalists. The firemen approached the meteorological office of Liu Pan Shiu two days after the observation to ask some questions. The representatives for the office, surprised, viewed the footage, and ended up concluding that it was indeed a UFO. It had no suggestion that, it could be about a hoax bythe firemen, and the footage was given to the Ministry representatives in charge of astrological services for more fuller analyses.

Picture of UFO over China from video taken by one of the firemen

The photo above was authenticated.  The observed object corresponds to the type of UFO seen across the world and called a Diamond UFO.. These objects are generally spotted at very high altitude, and almost never seen with the naked eye from the ground. This pushed the amateurs to theorising that these machines are more elaborate than your simple saucers, and that they have perhaps the possibility of travelling from one distant galaxy to other one.

The incident reveived good media coverage in China, even if Western media avoided the affair. It is not amazing, in view of the fact that it is the type of incident that the Western governments try at all costs to hide from the general population. The Chinese government, is however recognized to have a more frank attitude in these matters, and approaches them as factual realities.

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UFO Over China Filmed by Eight Firemen

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