Anniversary Clock Kit
Build your own Clocks with these fabulous Wooden Kits

Anniversary clocks are the modern gift for first anniversaries but are equally ideal as general gifts for any year. Now you can give an extra special touch with an anniversary clock kit. Imagine the satisfaction that the recipient will have in being able to say "I made that!". These clocks will become family heirlooms for years to come.

400-Day Crystal Anniversary Mantel Clock Kit 400-Day Crystal Anniversary Mantel Clock Kit

Four Swarovski crystals rotate constantly on the pendulum of this quartz anniversary clock. A back panel mirror and glass on three sides let you watch the movement from all angles. Other features include a moving moon dial and an easy-to-assemble, solid walnut case. A perfect wedding or anniversary gift. Includes quartz clock movement, moving moon dial, brass hardware and one "AA" battery. Dimensions: 13"H x 9"W x 7"D.

Square. "C" Clamps or other adjustable clamps. Screwdrivers. Small hammer. Needle nose pliers or small adjustable wrench. Stain and/or clear sealer finishes and applicators of your preference. Ruler or tape measure.

The following assembly and finishing steps make this fabulous clock easy yet enthralling to build by just utilizing the illustrated and written instructions provided with the kit. Assemble the base plates and the base feet. Assemble the dowels into the top of the corner posts. Assemble the crown plate to the top plate. Complete wood finishing. Assemble the corner posts and glass panels between the top/bottom plates and secure with screws and brass knobs. Mount the bail handle to the top of the clock. Mount the movement into the clock case. Insert a fresh battery into the clock movement and set the time. Insert the back mirror panel.


Wooden Anniversary Clock Kit Wooden Anniversary Clock Kit

Watch the quartz anniversary clock pendulum movement rotate silently through the opening at the base of this cute mantle clock. An old world floral insert highlights the arch-detailed woodwork. You'll only need a few hours to assemble this kit. *2 3/4" Quartz clock insert *Anniversary Clock Pendulum Movement *Wood: Cherry *Finished size: 8 5/8"H x 6 1/2"W x 3 5/8"D

* Screwdrivers * Electric drill * Awl * Wood stain, finish and applicators of choice.

The following assembly and finishing steps make your clock easy yet fascinating to build by just utilizing the step by step illustrated and written instructions provided with the kit. *Mount clock case body to base. *Mount top plate to clock case body. *Complete wood finishing. *Mount quartz pendulum movement into underside of base. *Mount bottom base plate to underside of base. *Mount clock insert into clock body.


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