Wedding Planning and Preparations Calendar

At first thought, the enormity of planning a wedding almost seems an impossible task.  As long as you plan things carefully and take things bit by bit, organising your wedding is however something that will be achieavable.  Just pace yourself and spread things over the months before your big day, and eventually you'll find that everything will fall neatly into place.  Our wedding planning calendar here will give you an idea of how to get all the main tasks done gradually as the clock ticks toward the big moment.  Clicking on the hyperlinks will give you more detail of each task, with some useful ideas on how to proceed and hints on making things as straightforward as possible.  Remember, this is all leading up to the day which will be totally yours, and not only the day itself but also the planning should be a great experience that you can achieve together. Have fun with the preparations and the enjoyment will make things fly by with a minimum of worry.

1 Year before the big day:

8 months ahead:

5 months to go:

  • The day is getting closer now, and it's time to choose the musical backdrop to the big event.  Get some traditional classical wedding music ideas and suggestions to give the appropriate ambience to the occasion..
  • By now you should have a good idea of who you'd like to invite to the church or registry office and to the subsequent reception.  Get the low-down on how and when to send wedding invitations to ensure your family and friends can organise themselves to attend the event.

1 month before:

  • With only a month to go, most of the preparations should now be ready to be slotted into place.  Final checks and a wedding rehearsal dinner may be done at this stage to make sure everone knows how everything should go on the actual day itself.
  • If you feel that yo may end up having the proverbial two left when the music starts after the reception, wedding dance lessons can help you become dazzing on the dancefloor.

1 week

The Big Day

Finally after all that planning the big day is here.  By now you should be fully acquainted with the order and tradition of the Church wedding ceremony, or maybe you've opted for the advantages of a civil wedding ceremony.  You'll also have the order and planning of the wedding reception fully organized so that everything goes smoothly.  That's it - everything is prepared so enjoy your day before you finally retire to your wedding night.

After the Wedding

Once the day is over you can depart to your honeymoon and relax.  When you return, remember to show your appreciation you your guests by writing the wedding thank you cards and notes.

Check out our features on Wedding Customs and Marriage Tradition for a fascinating insight behind the history of the conventions surrounding your big day.

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